RCS – the future of messaging

RCS brings SMS to life

RCS lets consumers engage in rich conversations natively on their smartphone. No apps, no additional downloads, it’s all on the phone and ready to use.

As a channel, SMS has been around for some time. The channel is now evolving; Vodafone released Message+ and other mobile networks are following with their own services. Google has released Google Messages, which is available to any Android user, regardless of network.

These channels operate like SMS, but with additional features and functionality. This means consumers can have group chats, share locations, upload files and images, and hold voice and video calls through the phone’s native messages app.

Whilst different vendors call their services by different names, the underlying technology behind them is RCS (Rich Communication Services).

So, what does this mean for your business?

You will be able to send far richer and engaging messages to your customers. This means your messages will stand out from competitors, and customers will be more likely to respond. In tests, our beta customers have achieved 3x higher response rates and click-through rates, compared to SMS.

We’re at the beginning of the RCS journey. Your customers are adopting this technology and you might have received notifications from your network provider to opt-in to their upgraded SMS service. Analysts predict that in 5 years’ time that more people will be using RCS than are using WhatsApp.

Join our RCS programme

As part of one of few businesses on Google’s Early Adopter’s programme, we can offer our customers the opportunity to be among the first to use this exciting new technology. To find out more, and to apply to join our RCS programme, please get in touch.